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Store: Seven Timeless Truths (paper booklet)

“Seven Timeless Truths” presents the story of God’s plan for his world, as recorded in the Bible. It does so simply and clearly, offering seven vital truths with supporting scriptures for each one. It is intended to help Muslim readers see the big picture and understand that God’s plan has always been to fill his earth with justice and peace for all. It emphasizes that, while humankind filled God’s world with bloodshed, he never abandoned it. Instead, he began his work of restoration by calling Abraham to worship him alone. Then after sending many other prophets to call his people back to faith, God sent his Messiah-king to restore his rule on earth and guide humankind into the path of non-violence. Meant as an extended invitation to read the Gospel of Matthew, the booklet concludes with mention of how Jesus’ return to earth will bring about earth’s full restoration to the glory God has always intended for it.

Size: 14 pages, 3.5 x 5 in.

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